Why Choose Edgeboard Material for Your Factory or Manufacturing Company

Edgeboard is a type of packaging material that can provide many benefits in a factory or manufacturing environment. Its laminated carton board provides protection against strong outside forces so the contents packaged inside of it remain safe. Whether your company transports, imports, or stores packaged goods, you can feel confident they will remain free of scratches, dents, tears, and other damage that cuts into your profit margin. The shrink wrap, stretch foil, and strapping included with the packaging material provides further assurance that your company’s investments will remain safe.

Benefits to Consider When Selecting Edgeboard

Edgeboard is easier to manufacture than many other types of packaging materials, which means that reduced labor and production costs add up to extra savings. It is an environmentally friendly option that is easily recyclable once your company no longer needs it for packaging or storage material. Unlike wooden packaging material that requires fumigation or other treatment before it can be shipped internationally, you can send packages made from edgeboard across the world without any type of pre-treatment necessary.

This is an efficient choice because the lightweight materials and angled sides make it simple to double-stack edgeboard packages when it comes time to transport them. The strength of the packaging material makes it very unlikely that damage will occur during transport. That means you have happy clients who will continue to place mass-quantity orders with your company.

Edgeboard Material Ordering Options

Fastpak Systems manufactures edgeboard from reusable carton boards of the highest quality. You have the option of selecting heat-sealed or bio-sealed when you place your order with us. Bio-sealed materials have undergone lamination with a high-pressure and water-soluble glue to ensure stability with the finished product. Heat-sealed edgeboard material provides strong protection from damage caused by water, moisture, dampness, and humidity. You can depend on the items inside remaining in the same excellent condition no matter how much moisture levels change throughout the day or in different seasons.

Self-adhesive packaging makes preparing shipments or items for storage as convenient as possible. Not only does this save you the expense of having to purchase glue guns or packaging tape, it is a faster and more efficient process as well. You simply peel off the strip and you are ready to seal the package.

Of course, we understand that you want your packaging materials to have a bit of personality and not look the same as everyone else’s does. If you would like branded packaging with your company logo or specific colors, just let us know when placing your order for edgeboard packaging material.

Save Money by Buying in Bulk

The more edgeboard material you buy in one order, the less you pay for each individual piece. A representative at Fastpak Systems would be happy to discuss our pricing as well as other terms and conditions to ensure that you order exactly what your company needs. As a packaging industry leader located in Marietta, Georgia, our company is known for our high-quality packaging products and exceptional customer service. We invite you to learn more about edgeboard and our other options by calling 770-423-0795 today.

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