Every e-commerce business wants to hit the right balance between saving on shipping and freight costs and making sure products arrive undamaged. Damaged products can take a toll on the bottom line in terms of replacement products, duplicated work, the cost of extra packing supplies, and additional shipping costs. Another loss that’s not as easy to measure is the impact that damaged products have on customer experience—which, thanks to online reviews and social media, is easily spread beyond that one transaction. One in 10 packages arrive damaged, which leads to 860 million reships annually. This is one costly stat we can help you avoid. If you are struggling to reduce shipping costs for damaged products or finding a streamlined solution for your shipping needs, it may be time to re-evaluating the shipping solutions for all of your products.

Evaluate your shipping process to find where you can use less expensive shipping options.

By reviewing the packaging solutions and processes for all of your products, you could find cost savings by identifying less expensive alternatives for non-delicate items. Shipping mailers, for example, are an excellent and economical alternative for many items. You may also discover that you can combine multiple items into a standardized shipper and use a hybrid model for void-filled solutions. These simple shifts can make an enormous difference in the overall cost of your packaging materials as well as saving your team time by creating more efficient systems for packing up your products.

Don’t underestimate the impact of customer experience.

Receiving products undamaged is a customer’s expectation. With the money you save on packing materials and shipping, you can invest in premium packaging to move your customer experience to an even higher level. Small details, like custom printed branding on mailers, boxes, or even tissue paper can increase the perceived value of your company by as much as 45%. When you go above and beyond to delight your customers, you’ll build stronger loyalty, greater word of mouth marketing, and reap the benefits of ongoing repeat business.

Using fillers and packaging wisely equals happy budgets and happy customers.

Controlling shipping costs is clearly important in eCommerce. But the best way to find those savings isn’t always so obvious. By looking at the big picture of your packaging and shipping process, you can often uncover overlooked opportunities to reduce expenses – and increase customer satisfaction. By reducing product damage and packing waste from your system a streamlined packing process with a variety of void-filled options can help reduce the cost of materials needed and the cost to replace damaged goods in shipping.

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