When it comes to poly strapping, you have a wide range of options. But no matter what you choose, you’re going to need the right tools to go along with it. The tool that you choose will depend on a variety of factors including the size of your team, how many packages or loads you prepare per day, and your personal preferences. Here are a few guidelines to help you decide.


Manual or Semi-Automatic

For lower volume applications, you may prefer the cost effectiveness of a manual or semi-automatic plastic strapping tool. These are simple and easy to learn even if your operators never strapped a load before!

A manual poly strapping tool can take more time and cause more strain to your employees, which is why it is best for low volume environments. At the lowest price point, it’s a great choice for those just starting out with shipping goods. It is easy to use and lightweight so you can take it with you anywhere you need to package a load.

A semi-automatic poly strapping tool meets the need in higher volume applications. It is still easy to use but good from just a few loads per day or if several loads need to be strapped in a short time. For help making the right choice please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email.


Battery Powered or Pneumatic

A battery powered or pneumatic poly strapping tool is a cost saving choice for higher volume businesses. They are the best choice for higher volume environments and larger, heavier loads. Each has their pros and we’ll be glad to help in making the right selection.

A battery powered poly strapping tool can be charged and ready to go in as little as one hour and last all day. The battery itself will last at least one year before needing to be replaced, depending on how often you use it. It’s a great choice for those who move around the facility during the day preparing different loads.

For those applications that are more stationary, a pneumatic poly strapping tool can be a great choice. It runs on compressed air so you don’t need to worry about a battery dying on you in the middle of the packaging process. However, is still needs power, so you’ll need an air hose at each work area.


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