Strapping tools and machines can be critical if you work in manufacturing, agriculture, distribution, purchasing, warehousing, shipping, and a variety of other industries. To ensure your products are secure and ready for shipping or storage, you need the right strapping machine. The selection you should make varies based on the items you’re strapping, the type of straps you want to use, whether the production volume indicates automatic or manual equipment.

To give you an idea of some of the potential options, take a look at these common applications for strapping machines.

Bundling Items Together

Strapping machines can be incredibly useful if you need to bundle items together for shipping or handling. For instance, if you are getting ready to send newspapers out for the day, the traditional option is to use an automatic strapping machine to bundle piles of newspapers together so that they stay organized on the way to their destination.

In that same vein, manufacturers and shipping professionals use strapping machines to bundle newspapers, pipes, lumber, firewood, and concrete blocks together as well as a variety of other items. While most of the above-listed items fit together neatly in a stack or a bundle, strapping machines can also work for bundling together items in different configurations. In particular, you can use strapping machines to bundle sheets or coils of steel products.

Attaching Items to Other Items

In other situations, people use strapping machines to secure items to other items. If you have to multiple boxes going the same destination you may need to use a strapping machine to unitize several boxes and reduce your shipping expense. Unitizing multiple items on a pallet so that they can be handled by a forklift creates a more efficient shipping process. In that same vein, automated strapping machines reduce the time and labor required to secure items to skids or reinforce crates.

Reinforcing Shipping Solutions

In addition to using strapping machines to unitize items for shipping and storage, you may use a strapping machine to reinforce corrugated boxes containing many smaller or irregular items that would otherwise be difficult to ship.

Securing Items to Trailers

Additionally,  strapping can ensure that large shipments from logs to turbine blades to everything in between stays in place during transit. Designed to help with this feat, there are strapping tools and machines that are meant to strap loads to trailers including flatbed trailers and flat railway cars, and box cars as well.

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